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Impala Collection Craft Team

Zimbabwe has had its economic troubles, but that hasn’t stopped many of its people trying to support themselves. There are lots of skilled, experienced craftspeople in Zimbabwe making beautiful products by hand. Unfortunately fewer visitors are going to Zimbabwe which means that fewer people are seeing the beautiful pieces that are being made there.

The Impala Collection aims to be a platform to help Zimbabweans continue in their work and to promote Fair Trade in Africa.

We work with producers who operate under Fair Trade principles, which means that workers are paid a fair wage, in safe conditions, to reasonable hours and no child labour is used. The products are made from recycled materials where possible, to minimize harmful effects on the environment. Each piece is individually crafted, making it a one-of-a-kind.

Impala Collection Fair Trade Africa

The Aluminium Range

Impala Collection Craft Team

The homeware products in our Aluminium Range are made from 100% recycled aluminium. The aluminium is cast, moulded and polished at a family-run workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The crafters are paid higher than the minium wage, and their working hours are fair. The workshop is run in accordance with HACCP standards, and there are routine inspections by the National Social Security Association and National Employment Council as well as Labour Unions.

Crafters are given training and skill-building opportunities, and are able to be financially self-sustaining through their work.

Impala Collection Aluminium Sand Molding Process Whole

The African Print Range

The African Print Range is full of life and character, celebrating tactility and vibrance. The pieces incorporate bright African print fabrics with ethnic and organic themes. Each piece is made by hand – they’re not mass produced and you won’t find them elsewhere in the UK. The home accessories are full of texture and colour, so that you want to feel them with your own hands. Small asymmetries and inconsistencies are a celebration of their handmade origin, making each item unique.

The pieces are made by skilled craftspeople who work for a fair wage, in safe working conditions, during decent working hours. Child labour is not used, and workers are given standardised annual leave and holidays.

Impala Collection African Print Fabric Collection







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