About The Impala Collection

UK seller of one-of-a-kind homeware from Africa. Our products include statement serving bowls, quirky tableware and singular decor pieces such as bright wire baobabs and African antelope horn castings. Launched online in July 2015.

Beth_ImpalaCollectionThe Background

I’m Beth, and both my husband and I are from Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Although we no longer live there, we try to visit every year because it’s a place very close to our hearts.

The idea behind The Impala Collection has been many years in the making. Every time I visit Zimbabwe, one of my favourite things to do is visit the craft shops. They’re filled with products that ooze creativity, colour and quality. They often have a new take on traditional notions of African design. What’s more, many pieces are made by hand, which means that each item is unique and individual. Read more in the Oxford Mail which wrote a profile on The Impala Collection.

The Principle

My aim for The Impala Collection is to curate ranges of stylish, characterful crafts from Zimbabwe to show to the world. We currently have two ranges: the Aluminium Range and African Print Range. I hope that The Impala Collection can be a platform to help craftsmen and women from Zimbabwe to continue in their work. I only choose products that I believe are worthy of being shown off internationally; products that I think will truly bring something of value to your home. From statement serving bowls to singular decor pieces, I hope to add more unique artisanal products to the collection each year.

I work with producers who operate under Fair Trade principles, which means that workers are paid a fair wage, in safe conditions, to reasonable hours and no child labour is used. You can read more about our producers here.

Casting Process Aluminium ZimbabweZimbabwe has had its economic troubles, but that hasn’t stopped many of its people trying to support themselves. Unfortunately fewer visitors are going to Zimbabwe which means that fewer people are seeing the beautiful pieces that are being made there. In contrast, so many products in the UK and elsewhere are mass-produced off a factory line, which means that truly unique products are difficult to find.

Shop at The Impala Collection for unique wedding gifts and personal Christmas presents. If you’re looking for a quirky birthday present or just a treat for yourself, take a look at our product range for inspiring ideas. You don’t need to have travelled to Africa to appreciate these products … you just need to be someone who cherishes individuality and style.

The Icon

An impala is a small, elegant antelope with velvety fur that gleams in the sunlight. The male’s horns can be spectacular, with shapely curves that have ridges coiling up towards the sky. Impalas have a wide range of facial expressions which vary from regal to downright funny. Like the products in this collection, an impala isn’t usually found outside of Africa.

Impala Collection Zimbabwe

About the owner

I was brought up in Zimbabwe and now live in Oxford, UK, with my husband and our son. I worked in publishing in Oxford for 7 years before starting The Impala Collection. I have a degree in Journalism (Print Production), English Literature and Media Studies from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I run the The Impala Collection on my own, doing all the sourcing, website building, product photography, marketing, etc. myself. In addition to running The Impala Collection, I work with a communications company in Oxford and I also write a Zimbabwe travel blog (I like to call it an ‘online guidebook’), called Great Zimbabwe Guide. I try to visit Zimbabwe as often as possible.







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